We are a company that makes products with heartCryptocurrency Security Company.

A group of engineers, product designers and customer supporters who are committed to "make products much better ever". We like to achieve "impossible"

We do.

The team is knowledge dense

We like aggregated, active and intensive discussions and output

The moat is solid

We have the ability to tackle complex hardware and software solutions, and we have our own supply chain management

The business model is simple

We prefer simple, long-lasting, and scale-efficient businesses

The cash flow is solid

We don't operate with debt

Growth is sustainable

We love growth, it solves almost everything

The margins are reasonable

We make products reasonably profitable

Our R&D efficiency is fast, steady, and accurate

The team follows the Agile model and is somewhere between Extreme Programming and Scrum.

A team of elite engineers
≤ 50 people
Release iteration cycle (all platforms)
7 days
Sales Growth Rate in China (2021)

User Security is Our TOP Priority

We like "straightforward", we don't like "beat around the bush", as much transparent as possible.

We take self-blood and profit as our fundamental.

We are serious about making products.

We never slow down.

Banner of invest

Investment Disclosure

OneKey was invested by Bixin in an incubation round at late 2019. As a team of engineers who have been active in the industry since 2013, we are knowledgeable of cryptocurrencies and generously involved in their transformation of the world. We are greatly open to both cryptocurrency funds and tech capitals, welcome to investigation.

Investment Please Contact: hi@onekey.so

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