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Bitcoin is often referred to as the "global ledger," even though this ledger is the entire bill for just one currency, BTC. Accordingly, Ethereum can be thought of as a "global computer": a place where anyone can upload and execute an application, and where the effective execution of the program is guaranteed, relying on the highly robust, decentralized, consensus network of thousands of computers around the world in the Ethereum system.

Vitalik Co-Founder of Ethereum

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超级君: The industry is evolving quickly, and things what we have thought about, back then is gradually becoming a reality, such as Wall Street entering the market, PayPal being able to buy coins, and the P website start to accepting payments. As I understand it, something simple and powerful only requires the evolution of consensus, and the evolution of consensus, not gradually, may be triggered by some Black Swan event, at the moment of the collapse of the old order, suddenly proliferate and quickly invade the human mind. Looking back, Bitcoin and Blockchain have evolved no more than this.

In this exponential development scenario, then the ability to get the most frontline information and hands-on coin execution is the first productivity, to understand the industry, understand the track, understand the project, understand the community. I observed that for the exchange, this year's recruitment of talent is very different from previous years, in previous years always want to dig a good traditional financial talent from outside, but this year they only want to dig to the industry geeks, because the development of DeFi this year, is a newborn beast, it seems to emerge from the ground overnight, the future of the new blockchain is likely to be the same, not to mention the traditional financial people, is the classical coin circle The only people who can find and harness these beasts are the geeks who are born and raised in the cryptocurrency circle, who are familiar with finance, who are familiar with the chain, and who have superb comprehensive ability.

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