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Incredibly easy to use, rock-solid security.

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We do not sell your privacy data, and not going to share it with any third party. Learn about our Privacy Policy.


Take your own private key and breathe.

👋 Goodbye, "Withdrawal review".

Mobile wallet can be used independently
You can use the OneKey App independently to securely store and use your encrypted assets. We've made careful security considerations and use industry-leading encryption algorithms to ensure that each user's assets are properly encrypted and stored locally.
More secure with hardware wallet
Hardware wallets can raise your asset security to a new level, physically isolating hackers, Trojan horses, and virus software attacks. All transfer operations must be reviewed by the hardware wallet, so you don’t have to worry about the loss or theft of your mobile phone.

Open source, really.

Clean ingredient list, clearness is the virtue of the product

Open source software code
If a wallet does not open source its code, you are likely to worry that it hides a back door and endangers the security of your assets. Our code is fully publicly hosted on Github, anyone can check or use our code.
Open source firmware code
We use both security chips (SE) and general-purpose chips to make hardware wallets. Similarly, from 3D source files to PCB circuit boards, and most importantly, firmware source code, can be found in our Code Repository.
The private key is in your control
The wallet mnemonics and Seed created through OneKey are encrypted and stored locally. Only you can decrypt the information. Our server will not and cannot store any private data of the user. There is no longer the intervention of centralized institutions, and the encrypted assets are completely controlled by you.
Listen to the opinions of the community
We choose to grow with users, not capital. Suggestions to us through various channels will be heard. Because the understaffed, not every needs can be satisfied, but we will try our best to give the best solution at the moment.
Intimate customer support
Our customer service responds 7/24 and recommends that you use our Support and Services to submit the problem. Most of them can be properly resolved within 24 hours.
Privacy is the top priority
You can change your nodes, servers, and block explorer on your own in the App, with preferences all local. OneKey's servers do not store any of the user's private data or the user's personal information.
Beginner friendly
We work hard to help users get easily started. If you can even recommend it to your elders with confidence, that is the greatest compliment for our work.
Make money decently
We provide the best excellent products with great experience, perfect customer services. Set a fair price, and earn reasonable decent profits. Just that simple.

Put an "Impenetrable Defense" on your crypto assets

From ordinary users to professional investors, a handy hardware wallet is the right defensive weapon.

OneKey hardware wallet

Fully open source hardware and software architecture, friendly to white beginner. Perfectly adapted to MetaMask and other wallets. DeFi, Mining, two birds with one stone.


  • Certified Security Chip CC EAL 6+

  • Complete online support manuals and tutorials

  • Free shipping worldwide

  • No second sales, all returned will be destroyed

We do not actively collect or retain private order information


Learn about our privacy policy

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Use OneKey for DeFi mining

Blockchain finance is sweeping, and operations and interactions on the chain are becoming more frequent. As a blockchain person, a safe shield and an offensive weapon are very much needed. I chose OneKey in the entire DeFi process.

Super Jun

Super Jun

Senior blockchain expert & Practitioner of decentralized finance


Hoard coins with OneKey

OneKey comes from a group of professionals who have been deeply involved in Bitcoin for many years, and has done a very great job in security and user experience. Not even to say its elegant looking appearance.

Xiong Yue

Xiong Yue

Early Bitcoin Evangelist

From Bitcoin Qt to OneKey

Holding for years, bull and bear, not a matter to me.

<br />

From Bitcoin Qt to OneKey, reliable people make reliable products, I'm going to hold for another 500 years.

Zhu Jing

Zhu Jing

Senior Bitcoin player

A trustful wallet

Growing up with our users

Open source code
Countries and Regions with Users
Customer Support
5+ Star

"If the private key is not in your own hands, the currency will never be yours. Our mission is to create world-class tools so that all crypto enthusiasts can manage and use their assets in a long-term, assured and safe manner."

Wang Yishi
CEO, OneKey

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Frequently asked questions

Why should you keep your own private key?

From 2011 to now, there have been a large number of centralized platforms that were hacked and hundreds of millions of crypto assets worth of money disappeared, such as Mt.Gox, Cryptopianswers… are all like meats on somebody's chopping block

Please keep in mind that as long as you don't own your private key, you can't own bitcoins and any other currencies. Any platform (wallet, exchange) where you do not hold your private key is centralized and there is a possibility of single point of failure. Therefore, keeping your private key is the way to go. Even if you are now trying to make it convenient to hold your assets in a centralized platform, sooner or later you will have to keep your private key yourself.

As long as you take good care of them, no one, organization or hacker can take the coins away from you. As long as you keep them safe, no one, organization or hacker will be able to take the coins away from you.

Your assets are safe and sound, and you can rest easy every day.

Safety doesn't mean trouble.

Many people are reluctant to keep their own private keys, in reality they are afraid that they will lose their coins and that no one will help them recover their assets. In fact, this is all the psychological shadow left by crappy and hard-to-use software, and you have chosen the wrong product.

Our responsibility and motivation is to make the safekeeping of crypto assets effortless and secure, so that even the elderly and children can easily get started.

OneKey encrypts everything that can be encrypted using the industry's most advanced algorithms, you heard that right, everything. Your private keys and mnemonics are kept locally, so no one can access them except you.

Our software is a great way to get started, try it out today.

Open source, really.

We do not afraid to open source the inner source of our product, and we don't afraid if competitors imitate and copy it to take over our users.

We initially learned a lot of valuable knowledge from Trezor, and we are now giving back to the community what we know and have learned from the open source community.

We don't have a better explanation about how to define a crypto wallet. But the complete open source of the software, hardware, circuit board and even the 3D model proves that we are confident to say we are going to have a better answer to the question of the world is asking.

You're privacy conscious, and so do us.

Too many Internet companies take privacy for granted; too many users take selling their privacy for granted.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

You can even define your own nodes, servers, block browsers, etc., to synchronize data without going through the OneKey server.

We don't analyze or sell your personal data, we're not interested in your data. Our business model is simple, provide valuable services and products (including hardware) and charge our customers for them, that's the only way we make money.

Use our products in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

We want to serve you to the end of the Internet.

We know that you have many concerns before using a company's product, such as what to do if it goes out of business. If there is a choice, there is no doubt that people will give preference to the big players.

We are not a startup, as a team incubated by Bixin, the former has been running steadily for over 7 years and has a reputation in the industry.

We have made it our goal to stabilize our financial status and continue to make profits in exchange for business independence and decent standing to make money.

So don't worry about us, your assets are in your own hands and are not affected by the state of OneKey's operations. If we were to put a date on our year of service, We'd like it to be the day we run out of IPv6 addresses worldwide.

No KYC, no personal information required, no permission required.

That's right, you don't need to provide any information such as ID, passport, real name, etc. You are completely anonymous and completely free. We do not (and cannot) impose any restrictions on the use of OneKey, so please feel free to use it as you see fit.

7/24 customer support team

We are always standby

Any questions about the OneKey App or Hardware, feel free to search our Help Center, there is a good chance your problem already has an existing solution. If you still can't solve it, feel free to send us tickets, and we'll usually get back to you with a solution within 24 hours.

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