OneKey hardware wallet
Guardian "core", operation rest assured

The built-in security chip ensures that the private key is secure throughout.

All the features with OneKey

All platform support*

Some platforms that are not officially supported can also be used through third-party clients.

Thousands of Cryptocurrencies Support
Including but not limited to BTC, ETH, DOT, USDT, etc. (Official App only supports BTC for now, other coins are being added).
Support for iOS
iOS 11.0 and higher
Support for Android
Android 8.0 or higher
Support for browsers
Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and other major browsers to play DeFi.
Support for macOS
macOS 10.9 or higher
Support for Windows
Windows 7 or higher
Support for Linux
Ubuntu or other major Linux versions

Industry Masters with Persistence

Focus and Release

Multi-Ways, Multi-Directions, Multi-Views to First Experiences

All codes are open source

Transparent, WYSIWYG

Self-destruction seal

To ensure every new items on your hand, every step is for safety.

Easy to use

Very friendly for inexperienced users.

Multiple connection options

Bluetooth, USB, NFC support.

Worldwide Shipping

JD Express directly in China, Selectively shipping to international

Customer Support

UTC+8 :8:00~23:00 customer service support.

Engineer background

Protect your crypto assets

Safety First

A lot of work goes into rock-solid security and great experience.

300+Test Items, which are checked before every update.

40+Engineers, Ensuring that our Apps are iterate constantly.

96.8%Customer Satisfaction, we're talking numbers.

0Security Incidents, No customer lost assets due to hardware.

Perfectly compatible with the following third-party software

Tested and available, visit All tutorials to learn more.

Trezor web wallet (open source)
Electrum (open source)
MetaMask (open source)
Mycelium (partly open source)
Exodus (partly open source)
MyEtherWallet (open source)
Bitcoin Core + Specter (open source)
Bitcoin Core + HWI (open source)
BTCPayServer (open source)
Electrum- DASH (open source)
Electrum-LTC (open source)
EtherWall (open source)
Nano Wallet (open source)

Price Transparency

We believe every user deserves to know what exactly is costing of the items they buy

Components & Shells
¥ 305.00
¥ 35.00
¥ 50.00
¥ 30.00 (in average)
Real CostOneKey price (including all software and hardware R&D costs)Other manufacturer's priceYou save
¥ 420.00
*Cost might vary by TCA
¥ 499.00 (free shipping worldwide)
≈ ¥1200.00
58.41 + %

Get Ready?Use OneKey hardware wallet to easily protect your crypto assets

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